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Have you…

  • Ever wondered what your Intuition actually is?
  • Ever felt lost in a decision and not sure which intuitive direction to go next?
  • Found that anxiety, stress, fear and depression can block your intuition?
  • Felt like you are the ONLY one in the world that feels this way?
  • Looked at yourself in the mirror and said, “something’s gotta give?”
  • Told yourself that you are “Tired of being Tired?”

I understand more than you know...

  • I have been right there with you, more times than I can count.
  • I knew life had a whole lot more to offer me than what I could see but I just didn’t feel like I had any intuitive tools to get me there.
  • I certainly didn’t know where to start trusting my intuition, always feeling frustrated and impatient.

I want you to know...

  • When you begin to add Intuitive development to your life, everything comes into greater focus!
  • You will know all the ways your own spirit is communicating and guiding you in your life.
  • You will know there is a greater purpose for you and a community to share it with.

I am here to help you get back into the Intuitive driver’s seat of your life!

Let me lead you towards your own Intuitive Journey!

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I have never found anyone as adept as Nancy. You will be hard-pressed to find a better investment for your time and resources.

If you listen to her for any amount of time you will see that her abilities are in direct proportion to the profound amount of personal work she has done.

In other words, she walks the talk—for miles and miles.

- Kirtin T.

Nancy is like a road map, a guideline for anyone on this journey of how to live in the light in today’s world.

By being able to see both the real world and the energy surrounding the real world, she gives us signposts to watch out for, tips and tools for handling every aspect of life in order to be completely in the driver’s seat, knowing and going exactly where we choose.

- Maura N.

Nancy’s teaching was a catalyst for me to discover deeper facets of myself and gain understanding and control over many of my relationships.

I am able to set firm boundaries now with others and see positives, even in the muck.

It helped me to value who I am, exactly where I am at now in this present moment.

- Jody T.

Hello! I’m Nancy Rebecca.

I certainly know what it is like to be right at that edge of overwhelm. That place where the cracks in life were beginning to show on my face and I could no longer carry-on feeling split in so many different directions.

There was something major missing inside of me, and yet not one person could help me name what that missing piece might be. Yet, there was one answer, I had not considered to explore. In an event I call my “down on my knees moment”, a light of peace came over me. That was it, I was missing myself, all parts of me and my own inner guiding light.

Now I want to be that person for you! That person who teaches you how to reclaim your own inner voice and guiding light called “Intuition”.

As a registered nurse, helping others just like you comes naturally for me. My years of hospital and hospice nursing provided miracle experiences that could not be proven by medical science. Yet, stress left me thread bare, worn out and exhausted.

I thought it was normal to have breakdowns to have breakthroughs, but I know now …you do not have to be broken to grow.

Your intuition leads you towards your next decision, so you no longer have to live with regrets.

Intuitive development is not a weekend workshop; it is a lifestyle. Now its your turn to bring that intuitive light back to your own life!

In enthusiastic sincerity,
Nancy Rebecca

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